Puzzle XL 2024

The contest features 13 XL puzzles, each presented on grids larger than our regular daily puzzles. Every day, a new XL puzzle will be published and must be solved within the next five days.

Scoring Details:
  • Puzzle Score: Calculated based on your solving time and the puzzle's difficulty. Faster solvers earn higher scores.
  • Total Contest Score: Your scores from all individual puzzles are combined to form your total contest score.
  • Score Updates:Contest scores are updated periodically and may refresh with some delay after you complete a puzzle.

Full results of the contest see at the results page
#Puzzle Best time
1 (2024-06-23) Kuromasu (14x14) 1m 29 s
2 (2024-06-24) Hexa Minesweeper (9x9) 2m 23 s
3 (2024-06-25) Four Winds (15x15) 3m 0 s
4 (2024-06-26) Slash Pack (18x18) 3m 13 s
5 (2024-06-27) Passage (16x16) 3m 19 s
6 (2024-06-28) Pentomino Division (15x15) 4m 5 s
7 (2024-06-29) Star Battle (Small Regions) (14x14) 3m 21 s
8 (2024-06-30) Kropki (16x16) 34m 12 s
9 (2024-07-01) Norinori (15x15) 3m 4 s
10 (2024-07-02) Inturnal (19x19) 6m 11 s
11 (2024-07-03) Paint by Max (14x14) 6m 27 s
12 (2024-07-04) Fo-(Faibu-)seruzu (18x15) 3m 53 s
13 (2024-07-05) Spiral Galaxies (13x12) 4m 20 s

Click at the puzzle name to solve the selected puzzle. Puzzles which are older than 5 days are non-competitive and can be attempted without registration.
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