Twentyx 1/2-No numbers

Celebrate this New Year’s solving puzzles sans given numbers. The contest was created by Anurag Sahay to celebrate the coming new year 2021-22. It consists of 13 puzzles which are available for five days from December 30 till January 3. All puzzles have 20x (x=1 or 2) non-number clues - no given numbers anywhere (only dots, circles, shaded cells, regions, etc).
Puzzles can be solved in any order at any time in this 5 days window. For each puzzle the score is calculated based on the solving time. Puzzle scoring for particular solver is proportional to solving time and the puzzle difficulty.
Scores for individual puzzles are summarized to produce the total contest score. Contest scores are recounted periodically and can be refreshed with some delay after you finish the puzzle.

Full results of the contest see at the results page
#Puzzle Best time
1 (2021-12-30) Point a Star (8x8) 56 s
2 (2021-12-30) Pentomino (10x10) 1m 39 s
3 (2021-12-30) Perfect Square Sudoku (9x9) 8m 33 s
4 (2021-12-30) Simple Loop (10x10) 13 s
5 (2021-12-30) Touching Pentomino (16x14) 2m 14 s
6 (2021-12-30) Spiral Galaxies (10x10) 54 s
7 (2021-12-30) Russian Loop (8x8) 33 s
8 (2021-12-30) Alternate Loop (10x10) 1m 44 s
9 (2021-12-30) Hungarian Pentomino (12x12) 10m 57 s
10 (2021-12-30) Tents (10x9) 15 s
11 (2021-12-30) Masyu (13x13) 1m 10 s
12 (2021-12-30) Two Apiece (10x10) 2m 19 s
13 (2021-12-30) L-shapes (11x11) 1m 14 s

Click at the puzzle name to solve the selected puzzle. Puzzles which are older than 5 days are non-competitive and can be attempted without registration.
Click at the best solving time value to see the score table for the selected puzzle.