Puzzleduel anniversary contest

The contest is organized to celebrate the first anniversary of PuzzleDuel web site.
This is the second attempt to run the contest - unfortunately the first attempt failed. Some changes and testing at the site were made. In case of success more contests with the same format can be organized. Your feedback is highly appreciated. Send please any comments and notes to the Facebook page or email which are given in the bottom of the page.
Duel competition is an online event when all participants solve puzzles simultaneously. For each puzzle you compete with just one opponent which is changed at every round. You got 2 points if you solve the puzzle faster than your opponent, 1 point - if you solve slower and 0 points if you don't solve the puzzle in the given time frame. See the duel rules for more details.
Contest starts at 15:00 GMT - check the start time at your timezone. The time can't be convenient for everyone and chosen to have it reasonable for most of the Earth.
Good luck!

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