We're thrilled to announce the winners of the 'Tap into Tapa' competition:

Freddie Hand has emerged as our Tapa Wizard, showing exceptional skills. He's also the Tapa Scrambler for completing the most puzzles in under a minute.
See the full results here.
Thanks to all participants for making this competition a success. Stay tuned for more puzzle challenges! 🧩🌟


Exciting news! Alexey Oleshov has launched a fresh round of the dOubLESHOW contest!
🗓️ From September 2nd, 2023, to September 22nd, 2023, all daily puzzles on even dates will contribute to the contest scores.
🔢 This contest is all about the number 2, so get ready for a challenging and fun experience!
Happy solving, and may the best puzzler win! 🌟🧩


Anuraag Sahay presents the "Tap into Tapa" contest!
📆 Mark your calendars! The contest runs from August 1st to September 4th, with a new puzzle published daily.
🥇 At the end of this thrilling contest, the top puzzler will earn the prestigious title of "Tapa Wizard." 🧙‍♂️
🚀 But that's not all! The coveted title of "Tapa Scrambler" awaits the solver who conquers the most puzzles in less than a minute each! 🧩💨


The thrilling fourth edition of the Puzzle XL contest has come to a close, featuring a total of 13 mind-bending puzzles, each with an average solving time ranging from 10 to 75 minutes. 🧩⏳
🥇 XL Master: A huge round of applause to EKBM for conquering these challenging puzzles and earning the prestigious XL Master title! 🌟🧩
🥈 Runner-Ups: We also want to extend our congratulations to IHNN and Freddie Hand for their remarkable performances as runner-ups. Your puzzle-solving skills truly impressed us! 🥈🥈
For the full contest results, check out the details here.
Thank you to all participants for making this contest a thrilling and competitive event. Stay tuned for more exciting puzzle challenges in the future! 🧩🌟


Traditional Summer Puzzle XL Contest! 🌞🧩
Get ready for a summer of epic puzzles! The Traditional Summer Puzzle XL contest is back and kicks off on June 21st.
For the next two weeks, a challenging XL puzzle will be unveiled daily, in addition to our regular daily puzzles. 🗓️
📈 Your scores for these XL puzzles won't affect your solver rating but will be tallied separately on a dedicated contest score table.
📱 Please note that the large grid puzzles may not be mobile-friendly, so ensure you have a desktop or tablet ready for the ultimate puzzle-solving experience.