The contest consists of 11 puzzles created by Alexei Oleshov. Daily puzzles of all even dates from 2nd August 2022 till 22nd August 2022 are included to the contest scores.
Puzzle score is calculated based on the solving time for each puzzle. Puzzle scoring for particular solver is proportional to solving time and the puzzle difficulty.
Scores for individual puzzles are summarized to produce the total contest score.

Full results of the contest see at the results page
#Puzzle Best time
1 (2022-08-02) Magic Snail (5x5) 37 s
2 (2022-08-04) Yin Yang (7x12) 23 s
3 (2022-08-06) Domino Castle with Sums (6x10) 2m 58 s
4 (2022-08-08) Touching Pentomino (11x13) 1m 52 s
5 (2022-08-10) Knight Battleships (7x7) 2m 27 s
6 (2022-08-12) Fortress Sudoku (6x6) 1m 38 s
7 (2022-08-14) Hungarian Pentomino (9x12) 2m 10 s
8 (2022-08-16) No Touch Sums (8x7) 1m 13 s
9 (2022-08-18) Domino Hunt (7x10) 45 s
10 (2022-08-20) Perfect Square Sudoku (8x8) 2m 25 s
11 (2022-08-22) Battleships (7x10) 59 s

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