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The 'Puzzle XL' contest features 13 XL puzzles, each presented on larger grids than our regular daily puzzles.
While these puzzles are bigger, they aren't necessarily harder – just more expansive!
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Every day, a new XL puzzle will be published. Stay tuned for fresh challenges daily!
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Due to their size, these puzzles may not be suitable for solving on mobile devices. We recommend using a larger screen for the best experience. 🧩🎉

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Difference Sudoku

Author: Andrey Bogdanov

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Fill in the grid with digits from 1 to 9 putting one digit per a cell. Each row, column and outlined area should contain every digit exactly once. Numbers at the grid edges show the difference of two neighboring digits.

Example puzzle

Grid control: Click at a cell reveals the value chooser. Click at the selected value changes the state of the cell. More details about grid control are at the help page.